5 Best phone charms for iPhone

iPhone charms are a fun way to add personality to your iPhone. Not to mention, they can also serve a practical purpose. If you are looking for some cute phone charms, we’ve got you covered.

If you don't know what a phone charm is, they are usually a small piece of jewelry or decoration that attaches to the back of your phone. Like a bracelette or a lanyard, they come in all sorts of different styles, and can be designed to match your personality or style. 

Check out our list of 5 Best iPhone Charms

Velvet Caviar

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With a variety of phone charms available in cute colors and a variety of designs, Velvet Caviar is a one stop shop. Their beaded lanyards for iPhones come with in tons of patterns including hearts, smiley faces and stars.

Ivory Dreams

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Handmade in Geneva Switzerland, these phone charms are elegant and come in many styles to suite your attitude. Made with glass seed beads and crystal-like cubed beads, these charms are very unique. 


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With a throwback for the 90s kids, The Fortune Teller Phone Strap is what you're looking for if dose of nostagia is what you're into. With magic eightball beads and a magic mushroom pendant, this accessory is aims to make your iPhone awesome "Without a doubt."

String Ting

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According to Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid, these are the hottest phone charms on the market. With loads of styles to choose from, phone charms and straps from String Tings also double as a wristlet, giving you a whole new way to carry your phone.

Roxanne Assoulin

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If you're into cult jewelery designers, Roxanne Assoulin is where you should be looking for your next charm. Their line of designer accessories for smartphones are "An uncomplicated indulgence."

What to do when you've picked your iPhone charm

Enjoy it! Don't be shy in accessorizing with different phone charms. With most charms costing about $20 these are an inexpensive way to spice up your waredrobe. Why get one for every occasion.